18.61 – Rental of NMSU Facilities for Special Events

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 18 | Community and Governmental Relations

Rule Administrator:

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Revision History:

Recompiled 2017, formerly 9.50.10
10/21/2015 former Policy 9.50.10 replicated by Board of Regents as initial Rule 9.50.10

  1. The director of special events is responsible for management, operation and supervision of events conducted in the Pan American Center and also serves as the advisor to, and manager of, the ASNMSU concert and cultural programs.
  2. The Pan American Center is designed to accommodate athletic events, concert and theatrical presentations, public assemblies, commercial events, conventions and other special events. Use of the facility may involve rental or service fees, and requests for space should be directed to the Office of Special Events.
  3. As a matter of policy, Pan American Center does not lend or provide its furnishings and equipment to others for outside use except in those cases where specific equipment is intended for use on a rental basis.
  4. All entertainment held on campus by the ASNMSU, other student organizations, or the university itself, with contractual agreements in excess of $2,000, shall be negotiated and coordinated through the director of special events or the advisors of ASNMSU, in cooperation with the organization advisor and officers. Such agreements of $2,000 or less may be coordinated and negotiated by the organization advisor in cooperation with the director of campus activities.  In all cases, contractual agreements for live entertainment shall be processed through the appropriate staff member noted above to the assistant vice president for auxiliary services, who is the only designated authority to sign such contracts on behalf of the university.  Legal review necessary to any contract shall be initiated by the assistant vice president for auxiliary services.
  5. The university police department shall evaluate and approve/disapprove requests for special activities to be held on property under the control of the Board of Regents.
  6. All requests, exceptions, and interpretations of this rule will be managed by the chief of police (or designee), including determinations of staffing, traffic patterns, and special precautions.
  7. All costs incurred because of the event shall be charged back to the sponsor of the event.
  8. The decision of the chief of police may be appealed to the assistant vice president for human resource services. The decision of the assistant vice president for human resource services in these matters will be final.