6.41 – Joint Academic Appointments

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 6 | HR - Hiring, Work Rules and Assignments

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2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 5.15.30

A. Written Agreement

At the time of joint appointments, a written agreement is signed by the faculty member and administrative heads of the participating departments.  The agreement entails the nature and extent of reciprocal commitments between the faculty member and each academic department.  The agreement serves as a guide in the evaluation process and defines the role of all parties in that process.


B. Role of the dean of the Graduate School

The dean of the Graduate School coordinates and ensures equity in the evaluation of joint appointees.


C. Procedures

  1. All joint faculty are assigned to one college for administrative purposes. This college is responsible for initiating all forms, but signatures of both deans and both department heads are required on all forms.
  2. A copy of the joint appointment agreement will accompany formal appointment papers forwarded to the executive vice president and provost for action.
  3. A mutually agreed-upon statement of goals for the faculty member is prepared at the beginning of each annual evaluation period. These goals serve as the evaluation criteria for the period.  The goals statement is arrived at by consultation between the faculty member and the department heads involved.
  4. The faculty member submits duplicate statements of achievements (g., faculty evaluation forms) to the department heads at the end of the evaluation period.
  5. The department heads, in consultation, prepare a single evaluation and recommendation to be forwarded to the appropriate dean or deans.
  6. Recommendation at the college level is made in consultation with department heads and deans involved in the joint appointments.
  7. The time periods for all steps in the evaluation process are the same as those set by the executive vice president and provost for all faculty.