Rule Administrator: Executive VP and Provost

9.85 – Endowed Faculty Chairs and Professorships

Appointment of individuals to the following endowed chairs/professorships requires the approval of the cognizant dean and also the executive vice president and provost: The Gerald W. Thomas Chair in Food Production and Natural Resources Jose Fernandez Chair in Field Crop Production Telemetering and Telecommunication Chair The Tombaugh Professorship in Astronomy

10.50 – Faculty Alleged Misconduct Investigation, Discipline, and Appeals Processes

PART 1: PURPOSE To establish policy, rules and procedures by which allegations of serious faculty misconduct, or inability to perform essential functions of the job, may be addressed equitably, expeditiously and without violating the principles of academic freedom or due process.   PART 2: SCOPE This rule applies when serious misconduct, or inability to perform…
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10.60 – Review of Faculty Grievances

PART 1: PURPOSE AND OVERVIEW Redress of Grievances: This rule is adopted pursuant to the authority granted in RPM 6.00 to provide Faculty with an objective and expeditious process to seek review of their grievances relating to workplace issues.  The rule (at Part 9. F.) also prohibits retaliation against those who utilize this rule to file…
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11.19 – Faculty Distribution of Effort

There are competing demands on the energies of a faculty member (for instance, research, teaching, committee work, outside consulting).  The way in which a faculty member divides effort among these various functions does not raise ethical questions unless the university or government, industrial, or business agency supporting the research is misled in its understanding of…
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11.30 – Addressing Allegations of Misconduct in Research

PART 1: DEFINITION OF RESEARCH MISCONDUCT Research misconduct is academic misconduct, dishonest behavior, or any form of unethical practices involving an act of deception whereby one’s work or the work of others is misrepresented. Other terms, such as research fraud or scientific misconduct, are subsumed within the term academic misconduct.  Research misconduct is distinguished from…
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12.50 – Art, Archives and Other Collections

PART 1: PURPOSE To ensure the proper acquisition, inventory, professional care and use of the university’s art, archives and other cultural collections.   PART 2: SCOPE OF APPLICATION This rule applies throughout the NMSU System; it addresses all art owned by NMSU, including art acquired to become part of the university’s permanent art collection (i.e….
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12.71 – Academic Facility Space Utilization and Scheduling

  PART 1: PURPOSE AND SCOPE Academic facilities are owned by New Mexico State University (NMSU), and operated to meet NMSU teaching, research, and service missions. The provost is ultimately responsible for effective academic facilities management, including the authority to assign, to relieve from assignment and to reassign academic space as necessary. The provost delegates…
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