12.06 – Uniform Navigation Signage

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 12 | Physical Asset Management

Responsible Executive: Vice President Administration and Finance

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 08/22/2011



Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 9.60
08/22/2011 Amendment approved by Board of Regents
07/20/2010 Policy adoption ratified by Board of Regents
11/14/2006 Policy approved by Administrative Council


To establish parameters for a unified graphic design to be used on all signage at NMSU’s Las Cruces campus, in order to provide a sense of welcome, security and comfort to students and visitors as they navigate the campus.



  1. The goals of the NMSU Wayfinding and Signage Program are to implement a cohesive graphic identity throughout the entire Las Cruces campus by Facilities and Services. The look and style of the signs applied uniformly and accurately will create a positive first impression by displaying graphics that will assist students and first-time visitors with navigating the campus and by providing them with a sense of welcome, security and comfort.
  2. This document establishes parameters and provides guidelines that will maintain a unified look for all signage on campus. Collaboration and participation by interested parties (administrative staff, architects, sign designers, interior designers, campus project managers, etc) will ensure that the system remains uniform and cohesive. The design of the signage will incorporate the guidelines from the branding initiative.
  3. The Wayfinding and Signage Program is all encompassing. It includes directional signs from roadways, to parking, to pedestrian activities, to buildings and ultimately to final destinations. The guidelines serve the entire Las Cruces campus and will be applied to new construction as well as modifications to existing buildings.
  4. Roadway signage will emphasize the main campus entrances and clearly identify visitor information destinations. Parking lots will be clearly marked, and campus maps and directories will be strategically placed at pedestrian entry paths adjacent to parking lots.



Campus buildings will have architectural signage as follows:

  1. Building Identification/dimensional letters: with the official name of the building as approved by the Board of Regents placed near the main entrance(s). Address numerals may also be utilized (numerals only). All letters on buildings will be a standard size as noted in the signage guidelines.
  2. Building Identification/freestanding sign: with name of building, one name per building, as defined by the Naming Committee, placed near the main entrance or near the primary walkway to the main entrance in instances when the front door is obscured or when there is no appropriate location on the architecture for dimensional letters. One line of descriptive text may also be applied to the sign when needed or feasible, as defined by the Naming Committee. Address, with numerals and street name only, may also be applied to the sign panel. Signs may be single sided when parallel to the building or double faced when perpendicular to approaching traffic.
  3. Building Directories/wall mounted: Tenants and sub-tenants of buildings will be listed on building directories as shown in the signage guidelines. Facilities and Services will provide information and assist building managers with implementing the directory signage through the NMSU Sign Shop. Directories are recommended in lobbies of buildings at primary entrances on the first floor or ground level. Secondary directories, such as floor directories and/or elevator lobby directories, can provide further opportunity to guide visitors and provide tenant information.
  4. All appeals pursuant to this Rule should be directed through the university architect to the Campus Planning Committee.