17.20 – NCAA and Conference Participation and Compliance

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 17 | Intercollegiate Athletics

Responsible Executive: President

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 05/08/2018



Revision History:

09/01/2023 Title change from "chancellor" to "president"
05/08/2018 Amendment approved by Chancellor
2017 Recompilation


As a member of NCAA, and its Conference(s), NMSU is committed to compliance with NCAA and Conference rules and regulations.  Accordingly, NMSU accepts and adopts the following principles:

  1. NMSU is responsible for conducting its intercollegiate athletic program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA;
  2. NMSU’s responsibility includes responsibility for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any other individual, booster or organization engaged in activities promoting the athletic interests of the institution;
  3. NMSU’s responsibility includes monitoring its athletics programs to assure compliance and identifying and reporting to the NCAA any instances in which compliance has not been achieved; and
  4. Any violation of NCAA rules may result in disciplinary and corrective actions as determined by the NCAA, as well as serious repercussions for the entire institution.



  1. Consistent with NCAA regulations and in order to fulfill the commitments set forth above, NMSU has established the Department of Athletic Compliance, independent from the Athletics Department, as a method of protecting the integrity of the compliance monitoring functions. The Athletics Compliance Department is authorized to administer all NCAA, Conference, and NMSU rules and regulations related to intercollegiate athletics.
  2. While the Athletics Compliance Department has the primary responsibility for NMSU’s athletic compliance program, each employee interacting with the Department of Athletics, coaching staff, and/or student-athletes is responsible for knowing and following NCAA regulations relating to those interactions, and for reporting any possible NCAA or Conference infractions to the Athletics Compliance department.
  3. Any violation of NCAA or Conference rules and regulations will be taken seriously and will result in disciplinary action, in the case of employees and students, or other consequences, in the case of community boosters.



To manage the compliance function efficiently, certain NMSU officials and representatives have been designated and authorized to serve as liaisons to the NCAA or to the Conference. The authorized NMSU representatives include the Department of Athletics Compliance, the president, the director of athletics, the faculty athletics representative, and the senior woman administrator.  Only these individuals are authorized to contact the NCAA or Conference(s) for interpretation or clarification of the applicable rules and regulations.  Coaches or other administrators who support compliance activities do not have authorization to make direct calls to the NCAA or to the Conference Office for this purpose.