18.81 – Tailgating Activities

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 18 | Community and Governmental Relations

Rule Administrator:

Last Updated: 01/30/2012



RPM 16.60 – Alcohol at NMSU Including Sanctioned Events

(See Also Tailgating Procedural Guidelines)

Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly 3.05 H.
01/30/2012 Amendment approved by the Board of Regents
07/20/2010 Amendment approved by Board of Regents
09/08/2006 Amendment ratified by Board of Regents
10/11/2005 Amendment approved by Administrative Council

(See Tailgating Procedures for general Tailgating Procedural Guidelines)

A. Tailgating Exception

As an exception to RPM 16.60, no independent administrative pre-approval shall be required for the consumption of alcohol within a Tailgate Station, within a designated tailgating lot, before or after an NMSU sporting event, if all participants are in compliance with the restrictions of this policy and the corresponding Tailgating Procedural Guidelines.


B. Definition of Tailgate Station

For purposes of this policy, a Tailgate Station is defined as a gathering of fewer than 200 people, assigned to particular parking spaces assigned in accordance with the Tailgating Procedural Guidelines.


C. Attendance by Large Group(s) Must Comply with RPM 16.60

A Tailgate Station attended by more than 200 people does not qualify for this exception; Tailgate Stations anticipating 200 or more people will be considered to be a “special event” subject to the administrative pre-approval process described in RPM 16.60, which in turn will also require a Special Dispenser’s License, as required by state law. For an Application and Instructions, please contact the chair of the Alcohol Review Committee at 575-646-5752.


D. Officials in Charge

Consumption of Alcohol during authorized tailgating activities will be allowed on a limited basis, and only during the dates, times, and locations designated by a consensus of the following officials: NMSU athletics director, the assistant vice president for facilities, the director of special events, and the NMSU chief of police, or their respective designees.


E. Authority to Issue Tailgating Procedural Guidelines

The above identified officials shall administer this policy, as well as issue supplemental Procedural Guidelines that will apply to all tailgating activities, irrespective of the consumption of alcohol.


F. Notice to Public

A map reflecting the areas designated for such tailgating, and the general Tailgating Procedural Guidelines, shall be made available to the public on request, as well as posted on line at appropriate websites, including but not limited to the NMSU Athletics Department’s website.


G. Oversight by Policy Administrators

The above named officials in charge and their respective departments may coordinate with NMSU employees and/or volunteers to serve as lot monitors in each tailgate lots designated for the consumption of alcohol.


H. Responsible Use of Alcohol During Tailgating Activities

In addition to the above regulations and the Procedural Guidelines issued and posted, the following safety precautions also apply:

  1. Glass containers shall not be used for the activities allowed by this section. Persons with glass container(s) in locations designated for tailgating will be asked to leave with the container, or to discard the glass container(s); other administrative or criminal action may also be taken, as appropriate under the circumstances.
  2. Alcoholic beverages shall not be taken into the Aggie Memorial Stadium, except by approval of an exception from the Office of the NMSU Chancellor, with notification to the chair of the Board of Regents. For purposes of this section, Aggie Memorial Stadium consists of the seating areas, concessions, restrooms, concourses, press box and all other space within the bleachers and fields inside the fence requiring admission by ticket holding patrons, as well as the football locker/office and weight training facilities.