4.41 – Course Materials/Textbooks

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 4 | Curriculum and Course Management

Responsible Executive: Provost & Chief Academic Officer

Responsible Administrator:

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Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 6.40


Department heads are responsible for having on file a course outline for each course offered by the department.  Each professor is responsible for course content and selection of required materials (textbook(s), supplementary printed material, equipment, supplies) for the course.  The professor is obligated to keep course costs to the student as low as possible.  The department head is responsible for the approval of bookstore requests, requests for supplementary materials, and for the coordination of requirements for multiple sections.  The department head should be cognizant of course costs to students and advise the professors should such costs appear to be excessive.



All textbook orders from faculty must be channeled through the department head for signature and approval and then forwarded to the bookstore manager.  The bookstore manager will review departmental requests for textbooks and order as per the department head’s request.  Order quantities may be increased or decreased by the bookstore manager if previous enrollment or sales history indicates that it is necessary.  Department heads must notify the bookstore manager immediately when additional sections are opened or courses canceled.  Faculty will not be allowed to order and/or sell books on or off campus without written approval from the appropriate dean and the bookstore manager.  Before a faculty member may require students to buy a textbook or other material authored or coauthored by that faculty member, approval from the department head is required.  The department head may convene a committee of department faculty to consider the matter.  If the department head is the author/coauthor of the required textbook or other material, a committee of department faculty will consider the matter and make a recommendation to the dean, whose approval will be required.  Supplementary materials, published or unpublished, produced by departments or individuals for sale to students will be sold through the university Bookstore or through other vendors who are authorized to purchase such materials from departments only, not from individual faculty members.  Payment by the vendors shall be made to the department upon receipt of an appropriate departmental voucher or invoice.  Faculty and staff members may request reimbursement from their departments for their expenses.