4.50 – Examinations/Tests

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 4 | Curriculum and Course Management

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2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 6.60

A. Exam Week

Normally, every class meets at least 750 minutes per credit hour.  The University Student Records Office will schedule the sixteenth week of instruction of each regular semester in 2-hour blocks.  These blocks may count toward the 750-minute minimum per credit hour if necessary, or it may exceed the 750-minute rule.  In either case, the exam week class time is not optional and must be used for some culminating activity, whether or not the instructor requires a final exam.


B. Exam Schedule

The examination schedule will be included in the class schedule at registration.


C. Completion of Fall Semester Prior to Holiday

The fall semester will be completed before the winter holidays.


D. Length of Examinations During Last Week of Regular Classes

Faculty are not allowed to hold examinations lasting more than one class period during the last week of regular classes.  In addition, faculty can only reschedule exams outside of the regularly scheduled exam period with the unanimous consent of the students and permission of the department head.


E. Student Grievance

Students who feel that their rights have been violated should contact the respective department head.


F. Maximum of Three Final Exams Per Day

During exam week, a student cannot be required to take more than three exams in 1 day.  Instructors of exams that would occur after the third must permit the student to take the exam at another time if the student desires.  Any student having more than three examinations scheduled in any 1 day may notify the instructor of the last examination listed and ask for alternate arrangements to be made for examination.  If the fourth exam is a departmental exam, the instructor of the third exam will make alternate arrangements.


G. Advance Coordination of Final Exams/Term Papers

Each faculty member will be requested by the deans to announce intentions as to final examinations and term papers during the first week of the semester.


H. Advance Resolution of Final Exam Scheduling Conflicts

Also, the faculty member will request students with problems of scheduling to report them to the office of the college dean.


I. Priority in Scheduling

A regularly scheduled evening class will have precedence over examinations scheduled in other courses outside the normal class meetings.


J. Alternate Exam Time

When a conflict occurs, the department scheduling the examination will arrange for students to complete the examination at another time.


K. Student Review of Final Exam or Term Paper

Students shall be permitted to see any examination or test paper upon request within a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of the test.