4.61 – Transfer Credit

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 4 | Curriculum and Course Management

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Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 6.89

A. Faculty Decision

The decision to award a student credit for work completed at another institution rests with the faculty.


B. Registrar’s Duties

The registrar will maintain a database of commonly transferred courses from other institutions and their NMSU equivalents.


C. Four Year Review of Departmental Equivalents

Every 4 years faculty from each department will have the opportunity to review the equivalents from their department and make changes to the database.


D. Transferred Courses Not in Registrar’s Database

Transferred courses that are not in the database will be individually evaluated by the University Student Records Office. If uncertain about which NMSU course is equivalent, the registrar will consult with the faculty in the relevant department.


E. Transfer Credits from Non-Accredited Institutions

Transferred credits from non-accredited institutions will be evaluated by faculty from the relevant department after the student has shown acceptable performance at NMSU for two semesters.


F. Responsibility of Student to Provide Documentation to Facilitate Determination of Transferability

It is the student’s responsibility to provide departmental faculty with sufficient materials to determine which of the department’s courses is equivalent to the credits being transferred. The determination whether a course if from an accredited institution will be based on where the course was actually taken. (For example, a course taken at a workplace for which college credit was later awarded by an accredited institution would be treated as credit from a non-accredited institution.)