4.83 – Commencement

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 4 | Curriculum and Course Management

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2017 ARP Recompilation, formerly 6.30

A. Ceremony

Two ceremonies may be held at the end of each semester, one ceremony on Saturday morning for three colleges and one Saturday afternoon for the other three colleges.  Graduate students will participate with their respective colleges, but all graduate students in each ceremony will sit and be identified together. One honorary degree may be awarded at each ceremony.


B. Symbolic Commencement

Candidates for degrees sign applications which clearly state that the awarding of degrees is subject to completion of all requirements and cannot be interpreted as a commitment.  Commencement ceremonies for the associate degrees awarded by the community colleges will be arranged by the respective community college.


C. Academic Regalia

Each college may approve distinctive symbols to be worn by the top 10 percent of its graduates at commencement.  Only one such symbol may be worn by each graduate.  In addition, the student with highest honors in each college may wear a crimson-colored gown.  No other symbolic additions to academic regalia are allowed without the approval of the Academic Deans Council.