7.10 – Area/Shift Differentials

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 7 | HR - Compensation and Changes in Status

Responsible Executive: Vice President Administration and Finance

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 09/08/2005



Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 8.05


Work schedules are divided into three, 8-hour shifts in any 24-hour work day.  Normally, the daytime shift receives the base rate of pay; the second shift (swing) receives a $.10 per hour pay differential; the third shift (graveyard) receives a $.40 per hour pay differential.  Any granting of differentials other than those specified must have specific approval of the Office of Human Resource Services.  Payment is reported on Form 302 for employees rotating shifts.  A Personnel Action Form is used for non-rotating shift employees.  The comment section of the Personnel Action Form should note the base salary and shift differential separately.  In order to be eligible for a shift differential, an employee’s normal work schedule must extend more than 3 hours into the swing or graveyard shift.  An employee is eligible for shift differential pay only for those hours extending into the swing or graveyard shift.



Occasionally, employees are sent on temporary duty to locations outside their normal work area.  When the cost of temporary lodging and food exceeds the normal per diem rate, the supervisor may request a temporary adjustment to the employee’s base pay during the absence to compensate for this loss.  Such requests should be submitted to the Office of Human Resource Services.  Adjustments in the in-hire rate for nonexempt employees to a rate above the entry rate to compensate for areas or positions in which the university’s entry level salary is not competitive may be considered by the Office of Human Resource Services.