9.41 – Tenure Track Faculty – Procedure for Award of Continuous Contract upon Award of Tenure

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 9 | HR - Performance Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure

Responsible Executive: Provost & Chief Academic Officer

Responsible Administrator:

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Revision History:

09/01/2023 Title change from "provost and senior vice president for academic affairs" to "provost and chief academic officer"
2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 5.98 H–I


The department head initiates the Contract Status Form to accomplish the change from temporary to continuous contract.  All recommendations for tenure must be accompanied by notification to the provost and chief academic officer from the dean of the result of the faculty committee vote.  When tenure is awarded, it is awarded in the unit that initiated the request for tenure (continuous contract).  No temporary appointment can become continuous without the official action of the university administration.



A continuous appointment is not a matter of right, but is made after the pre-tenure period has been completed successfully, providing the individual’s services are needed. Such an appointment is made by the issuance of a new contract at the time of continuous appointment or shortly thereafter, and the contract becomes the abiding instrument governing employment, except that the terms may be modified from time to time by endorsement.  Continuous contracts are issued by the Office of the provost and chief academic officer following receipt of an approved Contract Status Form.  Continuous contracts are not reissued until there is a promotion in rank.  Each spring an official contract amendment (salary letter) is issued by the president’s office which informs the faculty member of final performance evaluation and annual salary for the ensuing year.  Once a faculty member has been appointed to a continuous contract, that faculty member will retain continuous contract status even though the faculty member accepts appointment at less than full time.