Rule Administrator: AVP Facilities and Services

12.01 – Role and Authority of Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services is funded by the state and by NMSU for the operation and maintenance of Instruction and General Space (“I & G”). It exists to provide courteous, responsive, cost-effective campus service by providing a broad range of campus support services. Its core mission is the management, operation, repair, renovation, and construction of the…
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12.02 – Campus Utility Systems Oversight

Facilities and Services oversees the acquisition, production, distribution, and management of most campus utility systems. These include domestic water, sanitary sewer, electric power, chilled water, steam, geothermal water, natural gas, and emergency power. The utility costs for Instructional and General purpose space are funded by the State of New Mexico and by NMSU via I…
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12.05 – Campus Planning (Master Plan)

Facilities and Services is charged with the responsibility for the development and maintenance of facility master plans for the main campus. In addition, Facilities and Services coordinates and assists the community campuses in the development of their master plans. All Master Plans must be submitted to and adopted by the Board of Regents.

12.06 – Uniform Navigation Signage

PART 1: PURPOSE To establish parameters for a unified graphic design to be used on all signage at NMSU’s Las Cruces campus, in order to provide a sense of welcome, security and comfort to students and visitors as they navigate the campus.   PART 2: RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVE The goals of the NMSU Wayfinding and…
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12.10 – Energy Conservation

Every building, both new construction and remodeled facilities will be designed to be energy efficient, using a minimum of electric power, steam, chilled water, and natural gas, and still provide the necessary interior environment to function successfully.

12.20 – Landscaping

In the planning of new campus construction, consideration will be given to preserving trees and shrubs growing on the construction site.

12.30 – Capital Projects

PART 1: AUTHORITY OF FACILITIES AND SERVICES Facilities and Services is charged by the Board of Regents with the responsibility to plan, manage, and oversee all capital outlay construction projects for all locations within the university system. In addition, Facilities and Services will be responsible for any work which is competitively bid for a construction…
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12.31 – Plaque Information

The names of regents and governors for inclusion on plaques are those serving at the time of the construction contract signing. In order to affix any plaque, particularly one of historical significance, to a university building, the approval of the central administration is required.

12.32 – Performance Requirements for Projects Less than $20,000

For all building projects where the total expenditure will be less than $20,000, no surety bonds shall be required of the contractor.  In lieu thereof, should the contractor not desire to provide a performance bond, the contractor shall provide the Procurement Services Office with the following: A guaranty of the performance of work executed by…
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12.70 – Use of NMSU Facility Space

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule addresses the utilization and scheduling of space at NMSU. “Space” refers to areas both inside and outside NMSU facilities owned and controlled by the NMSU Board of Regents.   PART 2: ACADEMIC USE For rules pertaining to the utilization and scheduling of academic space assigned by the provost and registrar,…
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