Rule Administrator: AVP Human Resource Services

3.70 – Academic Freedom

The quest for truth often leads the scholar into difficult and untried territory.  As a dealer in ideas, the teacher or researcher comes often in conflict with prevailing belief of large segments of society and even with those of colleagues.  Yet, because of the practical benefits of scholarly activity, it is profoundly important that this…
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3.80 – Prohibition of Bullying, Hazing and Hostile Misconduct (Non-Discriminatory)

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule promotes a safe and healthy environment for students and employees who participate in university sponsored activities or chartered student organizations, reside in university housing, or work on campus. The rule defines and prohibits various types of hostile misconduct (not based upon discriminatory motives), clarifies how to make a report or…
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6.01 – Hiring

The Board of Regents (Board) has delegated to the Chancellor or to whomever the Chancellor delegates, the employment of all faculty, staff, and other university personnel. Although the Board should never actively nor directly participate in the actual hiring of university personnel, with the exception of selection of the Chancellor and the director/secretary of the…
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6.03 – Employment Categories

PART 1: PURPOSE To define the NMSU employment categories for regular and non-regular faculty and for regular and non-regular staff.   PART 2: ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Academic appointments are extended to members of the faculty, administrators of academic programs, and individuals appointed to faculty ranks in the cooperative extension service, at the community colleges, and in…
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6.10 – Dual Career Couples

Dual career couples comprise an increasing percentage of university professionals.  To recruit and retain diverse employees, New Mexico State University and the University of Texas at El Paso support efforts to accommodate the needs of dual career couples.  Assistance in identifying employment opportunities in the southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area is available…
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6.11 – Job Sharing

When two people may be in the same academic department, a job sharing arrangement may be established.  Salary and work duties are negotiable between the two people and the department subject to approval by the appropriate college dean and the executive vice president and provost.  Candidates should discuss job sharing with the department head as…
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6.12 – Hiring Athletic Coaches and Directors

In recognition of the unique nature of the recruitment and hiring of athletic coaches and athletic directors, upon the approval of the chancellor, the university allows an alternative recruitment process for these positions.  The hiring official may utilize an alternative process not requiring a public posting and fill a new or vacant coaching or athletic…
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6.13 – Employment of Minors

Normally, employment of children under 16 years of age is prohibited. Consult the Office of Human Resource Services for any special considerations. Children under age 18 may not be employed or permitted to labor in any underground mine or quarry or at or about any place where explosives are used.

6.14 – Hiring of Individuals Named in Contract

Under certain conditions it may be necessary for an employing department to hire an individual named in a grant or contract.  With prior approval of the Office of Human Resource Services and the executive vice president and provost, a faculty or exempt staff member may be hired with full benefits under the following conditions: The…
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6.15 – Re-Employment of Retirees

PART 1: PURPOSE To clarify the terms and conditions under which the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (“NM ERB”) retirees may be re-employed by NMSU subsequent to retirement and how that re-employment may affect retirement benefits. This Rule is governed by NMSA 1978, § 22-11-25.1 and the NMERB’s Rules and, which may be…
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