Rule Administrator: AVP Human Resource Services

7.53 – Additional Compensation for Supplemental NMSU Employment

PART 1: RULE PERMITTING SUPPLEMENTAL COMPENSATION Supplemental compensation may be paid to faculty and staff acting in the capacity of a professional/faculty employee for an additional assignment performed during normal university working hours, providing that assignment is (1) clearly outside the scope of that person’s regular teaching, research and service responsibilities; and (2) does not…
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7.60 – Transfers

The university reserves the right to transfer or assign employees throughout the university as workloads and administrative judgment deem necessary.   PART 1: STAFF TRANSFERS Two appointing authorities may laterally transfer, voluntarily or involuntarily, a nonexempt employee from a position in a classification and grade to another position in the same grade within a major…
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7.65 – Reductions in Force

Layoff, transfer and recall, due to a university wide financial exigency of positions funded from state appropriations as a line item, will be made in accordance with this Rule. Transfer, recall, and termination policy for employees (below the rank of director) who are facing termination for reasons other than a university wide financial exigency shall…
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7.70 – Separation from NMSU Service

When an individual leaves employment with the university, a number of details must be attended to, both by the employee and the employing department.  Employees separating from the university should make arrangements to return all university property in their possession and settle any accounts with the university prior to their separation.  Property should be returned…
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7.71 – Resignation- Notice Required; Impact on Benefits

PART 1: NOTICE REQUIRED FOR RESIGNATION FROM THE UNIVERSITY A nonexempt employee who desires to separate from university employment should submit a signed resignation statement to the appointing authority two (2) weeks prior to the intended resignation date. Exempt employees should give thirty (30) days written notice prior to termination. If the employee resigns by…
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7.75 – Ineligibility for Rehire Designation

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule protects NMSU from rehiring or contracting with former employees who separated from NMSU due to improper or incompetent conduct detrimental to the mission and interests of the university, or while under scrutiny due to allegations of such conduct.   PART 2: INELIGIBLITY DESIGNATION An individual who voluntarily or involuntarily separates…
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8.01 – New Employee Orientation

All benefit eligible employees are encouraged to either attend a New Employee Orientation group session or review the orientation information and handouts on the NMSU benefits web site within 31 days of employment. It is the employing department’s responsibility to provide employees with benefits enrollment information within their first 31 days of eligible employment, and to…
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8.02 – Identification Card Issuance Procedures

PART 1: PERMANENT ID CARDS Regular and term employees are issued a permanent identification card.   PART 2: TEMPORARY ID CARDS Non-regular temporary employees will be issued temporary identification cards. Other persons eligible for identification cards include campus ministers (and associated persons) and affiliated faculty/staff.   PART 3: ISSUANCE PROCEDURES Employees may have their pictures…
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8.03 – Domestic Partner Eligibility for Benefits

PART 1: PURPOSE To ensure equal employment and educational opportunities to all employees at New Mexico State University; to provide HR benefits to Qualified Domestic Partners.   PART 2. DEFINITIONS Qualified Domestic Partner: A Qualified Domestic Partner is each member of qualified domestic partnership, defined as two individuals who live together in an exclusive relationship…
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8.04 – Authority to Provide Distinct Benefits for Externally Funded Employees

The Chancellor is authorized to develop and implement alternative leave, holiday, compensation, and insurance programs for groups of employees whose salaries are funded from external sources.