Rule Administrator: AVP Marketing and Communication

15.14 – Distribution of Information to NMSU Community

PART 1: PURPOSE This Rule identifies the official university mass communication mediums for employees and students of the university.   PART 2: RULE All official mass communications shall be transmitted via the university’s email system. Official mass communications are memoranda or documents that are distributed to wide audiences, such as departments, colleges or all employees….
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15.80 – Use of NMSU Logo; University Communications

PART 1: INTRODUCTION The office of University Communications and Marketing Services (UCOMM) is responsible for NMSU’s news, media relations, publicity, institutional marketing, top-level websites as well as branding including the use of the NMSU Logo and other protected trademarks. Additionally, UCOMM functions as the primary liaison between NMSU and the mass media, as well as…
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15.81 – Web Governance

PART 1:  PURPOSE Consistent with direction from the NMSU President and applicable laws and regulations, this rule is adopted: To establish a formal Web Governance program to guide the development, deployment, delivery and maintenance of the NMSU digital image for internal and external audiences; To establish and maintain NMSU’s Web Governance structure and associated rules…
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