Rule Administrator: Chancellor

16.10 – Emergency Preparedness and Response

PART 1: PURPOSE To facilitate compliance with state and federal laws relating to emergency preparedness and response, by clarifying the Board of Regents’ delegation of authority relating to emergency planning and preparedness and to disaster consequence and recovery management functions.  These delegations include authorization of NMSU personnel to plan and take action as necessary for…
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16.60 – Permitted Alcohol on NMSU Premises

PART 1: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The Board of Regents of New Mexico State University recognizes that diversity of opinion and freedom of choice are concepts upon which higher education has been established. Inherent within these two basic concepts are the exercise of individual responsibility and making informed decisions on matters related to personal behavior. Within…
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18.85 – Interfaith Council

Various religious denominations, representing many faiths and doctrines, are engaged in campus ministries and other religious activities near the university. The Board of Regents and the university are completely impartial and give no preference to any religious denomination or organization, and no religious denomination or organization is an official part of the university and has…
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