Rule Administrator: Director Auxiliary Operations

12.65 – Fleet Asset Management

  PART 1: DEFINITIONS  “Vehicle” refers to any vehicle or device that is propelled by an internal combustion engine, electric or other power that is used or may be used on the roadway for the purpose of transporting persons or property, including connected trailers. “NMSU Entity” refers to a department or other administrative unit within…
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12.66 – Vehicle Assignments

It is the intent of NMSU to own and operate the fewest number of motor vehicles as possible to achieve the mission of the university without creating a hardship for any college, NMSU entity, or process.  Accordingly, these Vehicle Assignment Rules focuses on the most effective and efficient utilization of university-owned vehicles. PART 1: DEFINITIONS…
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12.67 – Transportation Services-Rentals

PART 1: AVAILABILITY OF RENTAL VEHICLES Rental vehicles are available through the Office of Transportation and Parking Services.  These vehicles are provided for university-related business, and are to be driven only by university employees, students, agents of the university, or volunteers, in the performance of their duties.  All operators shall have in their possession an…
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16.85 – Parking and Traffic Regulations

PART 1: STATUTORY GRANT OF AUTHORITY These regulations are established to allow for the consistent and fair treatment of all people (Students, Faculty, Staff, vendors, and Visitors) who use the campus, optimal use of available parking, and assist with the safe movement of traffic.  Pursuant to the authority granted to the New Mexico State University…
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18.82 – Picnics on NMSU Premises

Group picnicking is allowed if scheduled through Conference Services.