Rule Administrator: Director Athletics

17.05 – NMSU Athletics

PART 1: PURPOSE The purpose of this rule is to implement the authority granted in the Regents Policy Manual (RPM) to establish and maintain an Athletics Department with responsibility for the operation of the various intercollegiate athletic programs authorized by the New Mexico State University Board of Regents (NMSU or Regents).   PART 2: ATHLETIC…
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17.15 – The Athletics Council

PART 1: CREATION AND PURPOSE The Athletics Council was created to serve in an advisory capacity to the president, the faculty athletics representative, and to the director of athletics.   PART 2: COMPOSITION AND APPOINTMENT The Athletics Council is composed of eleven voting members and two or more position appointments who shall serve on the…
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17.20 – NCAA and Conference Participation and Compliance

PART 1: NCAA AND CONFERENCE REQUIREMENTS As a member of NCAA, and its Conference(s), NMSU is committed to compliance with NCAA and Conference rules and regulations.  Accordingly, NMSU accepts and adopts the following principles: NMSU is responsible for conducting its intercollegiate athletic program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the NCAA; NMSU’s responsibility…
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17.25 – Faculty Athletics Representative

PART 1: QUALIFICATIONS The faculty athletics representative shall be a member of the institution’s faculty or an administrator who holds faculty rank.  The faculty athletics representative shall not hold an administrative nor coaching position in the Department of Athletics.   PART 2: APPOINTMENT The faculty athletics representative is appointed by the president for an unspecified…
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17.30 – Ticket Sales

PART 1: ESTABLISHING TICKET PRICES Subject to the requirements below, the Department of Athletics is authorized to establish all ticket prices and conditions for purchase for all intercollegiate athletic events at NMSU.   PART 2: FACULTY, STAFF AND RETIREE TICKETS The Department of Athletics will provide football and basketball season tickets, in reserved sections, at…
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17.35 – Booster Club Fund Raising

  The Aggie Athletic Club (AAC) serves as the official fund raising arm for the Department of Athletics. The Aggie Athletic Club provides oversight and acts as a resource to the individual booster clubs which engage in fund raising for specific athletic sport programs.  

17.40 – Media Rights Relating to NMSU Athletics

PART 1: RADIO AND TV BROADCASTS The Department of Athletics holds all broadcast rights, including distribution of events, format, announcers, air times and advertising inventory on all radio and television events.  Permission to broadcast is granted on a game-by-game or season basis through contracts issued by the Department of Athletics, the NCAA, or the Conference…
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