Rule Administrator: Executive Director Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management

16.30 – Authorization of Health and Safety Programs

It is the policy of the university to promote good health, wellbeing, and occupational safety for its faculty, employees, students, and visitors. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety develops and executes comprehensive health and safety programs for the university. These programs comply with all federal, state, and municipal laws, codes, acts, regulations and standards…
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16.31 – Reporting of Work-Related Accidents/Incidents

Regulatory and occupational safety classes are provided on a regular basis by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (For information and schedule visit NMSU: Environmental Health and Safety) The environmental health and safety officer monitors all accidents and may conduct an investigation. Copies of all Employer’s First Report of Accident Forms and Supervisor’s Accident…
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16.63 – Smoking and Tobacco Use Restrictions

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule promotes the health, wellness and safety of its employees, students and visitors, while respecting individual choice, consistent with the New Mexico Clean Indoor Air Act (NMSA 1978 §§ 24-16 – 1 et seq).  Smoking, for purposes of this rule, means inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or holding any lighted tobacco product,…
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