Rule Administrator: Executive Director Health and Wellness

8.63 – Faculty, Staff, Student Access to Certain Recreational Facilities

The facilities of the Department of Human Performance, Dance and Recreation are open to all faculty/staff/students under the administration of the Intramural Office (Activity Center). (See the Intramural Office for more information)

8.72 – Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Other Assistance

PART 1: PURPOSE This Rule explains the workers’ compensation benefits made available by state law and the university assistance available to eligible employees as they transition back to work. It also explains the distinct roles and responsibilities of the injured worker, supervisory and management personnel, and the university’s Worker’s Compensation Specialist, as they relate to…
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15.60 – Management of Health Information – HIPAA Compliance

PART 1:  INTRODUCTION The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the regulations promulgated thereunder cover health plans, health care clearinghouses and health care providers who conduct certain financial and administrative transactions electronically.  In New Mexico, all information contained in an individual’s medical record is confidential and cannot be disclosed without consent…
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18.87 – Aggie Cupboard

Aggie Cupboard, a program operated under the oversight of NMSU Health and Wellness Center, seeks to provide food and essential hygiene supplies at no cost to students and employees within the NMSU system. Aggie Cupboard supports the mission of NMSU by providing essential support by reducing food insecurity and thereby promoting the success and productivity…
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