Rule Administrator: Senior VP for Administration and Finance

3.09 – COI: Sales and Solicitations

Sales and solicitations by individuals or organizations on university property that result in personal financial gain are expressly prohibited except as noted in ARP 14.92 – Sales and Solicitation.

13.10 – Investment Management

PART 1: INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE This Rule provides the regulatory framework and procedural requirements applicable to the university’s investment transactions, including prudent investment of cash balances, and maximization of the efficiency of the university’s cash management system.  The manager of banking, investment, and tax (investment manager) will perform investment management responsibilities outlined in this Rule. …
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13.15 – Reserves

Reasonable budget balances shall be maintained for the efficient operation of the university.

13.30 – Bonds – Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Procedures

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule fulfills the directive set forth in Regents Policy 13.30 by providing guidelines and procedures necessary to fulfill the university’s post-issuance tax compliance obligations related to the university’s tax exempt bonds and loans. These procedures guide the Vice President Administration and Finance (VPAF), also the Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Officer (“Compliance Officer”)…
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13.33 – Bonds – Continuing Disclosure Procedures

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule fulfills the directive set forth in Regents Policy 13.33 by providing guidelines and procedures necessary as required by federal securities laws to fulfill the university’s obligation of post-issuance continuing disclosures related to the university’s bonds and loans.   PART 2: TYPES OF DISCLOSURE GOVERNED BY THESE PROCEDURES NMSU will use…
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14.01 – Compliance with Business Procedures Manual

NMSU officials, employees, volunteers and students must adhere to the provisions of the Business Procedures Manual, as may be relevant to their employment or activities at NMSU.

14.10 – Records Integrity and Retention

PART 1: RECORDS INTEGRITY Because the university business records and reports are of critical importance in meeting financial, legal, and management obligations, they must always be prepared promptly, accurately and truthfully.  Those who rely on these records and reports have a right to timely and accurate information.  The integrity of university records is based on…
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14.69 – University Related Travel Guidelines

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule provides requirements and restrictions applicable to all domestic and international travel by NMSU students, faculty and staff for university academic and business purposes.   PART 2: REQUIREMENT FOR ADVANCE APPROVAL All university related travel must be approved prior to travel by the relevant supervisor or the administrator who is responsible…
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14.92 – Sales and Solicitation

It is the intent of the university to assure that permitted activities occur with the full knowledge and approval of designated university officials in a manner which is applied equally to all eligible parties.  Toward this end, the sales and solicitation Rule will be administered through the vice president for student success and enrollment management,…
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15.55 – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

PART 1:  INTRODUCTION This Rule facilitates the protection of payment cardholder data and the compliance with RPM 15.50 Information Data Security and with applicable data security standards set forth by the payment card industry.   Because many NMSU entities accept payment card payments, the university is a payment card-processing merchant, and as such, must comply with…
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