4.21 – Registrar

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 4 | Curriculum and Course Management

Rule Administrator:

Last Updated: 06/27/2016



ARP 4.23 - Credit Hour Calculation; Variable Credit Courses

ARP 5.40 - Access to Student Educational Records – FERPA Compliance

Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 6.86
06/27/2016 Amendment approved by Board of Regents
06/08/2016 Amendment to Policy 6.86 approved by provisional authority of Chancellor.

The University Student Records Office cannot provide official academic information to unauthorized persons, nor can it reduce the amount of information obtained in the registration process below what is required by the New Mexico Higher Education Department, state statutes, and the National Center for Education Statistics.  In these requirements, the University Student Records Office follows the minimum recommended by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.  Strict adherence to academic policies is an integral part of record integrity.  A balance must be maintained between public relations and the responsibilities of record-keeping.

A. Duties of the Registrar

  1. Record and preserve academic data on all students registered for credit at the main campus and at the community colleges.
  2. Determine assignment of resident or nonresident tuition and fees, in accordance with state law and the uniform definition established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and the Attorney General’s Office.
  3. Submit reports of official enrollment statistics to the New Mexico Higher Education Department and to the National Center for Education Statistics.
  4. Develop procedures for registration of students in any program in which academic credit is issued.
  5. Coordinate preparation of a schedule of classes for each academic semester or summer session.


B. Transcript of Credit

Upon written request, the University Student Records Office will furnish, for a reasonable fee (as approved by the Chancellor and published on the University Student Records Office website), an official transcript of a student’s academic record to the student or designee.


C. Transcripts

Transcripts will not be furnished without the student’s consent if the student is 18 years of age or over, except as requested by a parent claiming the student as a dependent under the definition established by the Internal Revenue Service. If a student is under 18, the parents may request and receive a transcript of the academic records.  The University Student Records Office will also furnish to the student, upon written request, an information copy of the student’s academic record.  Transcripts, either official or unofficial, may be furnished to university faculty members or professional staff members upon request, with or without the student’s permission.  Prior to each advisement period, information copies are produced for the advisors.


D. Release of Student Information

Information concerning a student that is published in the official student directory may be released to anyone requesting such information.  This information will be published unless a request to withhold is received by the registrar by the last day of late registration for the fall term (Buckley Amendment – PL 93-380).  Information recorded on the academic record page and in the student’s file is released according to the procedures covering issuing of transcripts.  Information in the student’s folder is confidential, and is not released except to those authorized under the Buckley Amendment to PL 93-380 and The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. (See ARP 5.40)


E. Eligibility for Registration

Students under any type of sanction may not register until the sanction is removed by the appropriate office.  On-line entry or clearance of sanctions is entered by the university agency involved.  Students on scholastic suspension may apply for readmission and register when eligible.  Students with disabilities may petition for early registration through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities Office, Room 100, Garcia Annex.


F. Statistical Data

Certain statistical data are required from the student in order to furnish data to the New Mexico Higher Education Department, the National Center for Education Statistics, and university officials.  Other information required is for identification of student records.  Registration of students who refuse to furnish requested data is subject to cancellation.


G. Establishing Residence Status for Tuition Purposes

This responsibility, delegated to the registrar, is based upon state law and various rulings from the New Mexico Higher Education Department and the Attorney General’s Office.  The general counsel may be consulted by the registrar in cases where legal advice seems warranted.  Determination is made by the registrar on the basis of information and affidavits submitted by the student.  The burden of proof is on the student, and the final decision will be made by the university.  Information on residence requirements may be obtained from the University Student Records Office.  The admissions office determines residency for tuition purposes for first-time applicants.


H. Release of Registration Statistics to the Press

Final or near final registration statistics are released by the registrar through the vice president for student affairs and enrollment management to the associate vice president for university communications and marketing services, who in turn furnishes such figures to the media.  Such release is not made until the close of registration.  Any university official may release final enrollment figures after they are published.


I. Recording Academic and Demographic Data on the Academic Record

University Student Records Office updates and corrects data entered by admissions on the student’s record at the time of matriculation.  The following data are entered:  last name, first, middle/maiden; date of birth; college or school to which admitted; degrees granted from the university ; date of degrees; major field; minors; other institutions attended, and credits granted; high school last attended; admission status; and social security number or alternate identification number.  Also recorded on the undergraduate academic record page, upon approval by the academic dean, are allowable credits from military service, challenged courses, CLEP, or ACT. Such credit will be treated as transfer credit without a grade, will count toward graduation, and may be used in fulfilling curriculum requirements as specified by the student’s academic college.


J. Registration

Eligible students may reserve courses in the offices of the academic deans or on-line by computer, as determined by the academic calendar. Subsequent schedule changes may be made on the dates published in the Schedule of Classes.  Students with disabilities may petition for early registration through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, Room 100, Garcia Annex.  Eligible students may complete registration by mail, phone, Web, or in person by making a minimum down payment to the Office of University Account Receivable.  Students who reserve classes but fail to complete registration by the published deadline will be disenrolled from all classes.  At the close of the drop/add/late registration period, students who have not made the required payment will be disenrolled from all classes and may not attend until the next scheduled session.


K. Academic Scheduling

See ARP 4.23 – Credit Hour Calculation; Variable Credit Courses.


L. Grade Reporting to the Registrar

Faculty members report grades for students in their classes, through the department head and dean, on forms furnished by the registrar.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to submit these grades according to regulations and dates recommended by the Faculty Senate and approved by the president.  Subsequently a list of grades assigned is sent to each instructor for verification.


M. Justification of I

An I Grade Information Form shall be sent to the dean’s office with instructor’s grade sheet for each I grade assigned.  Forms are available in the offices of the academic deans.


N. Procedures for Approval of Degree Candidates

  1. Three days (1 day in summer) after final grades are recorded on-line, the University Student Records Office will furnish each academic dean a list of degree candidates, showing the results of the final record check.
  2. The deans’ offices will confirm candidates who have met all requirements, and delete those who have not.
  3. The deans will certify graduation for the candidates listed.
  4. The University Student Records Office will furnish the executive vice president and provost a list of approved degrees after the deans’ certifications are received. The official graduation date will be the date degrees are approved by the executive vice president and provost.
  5. The University Student Records Office will record degrees approved and mail diplomas to graduates.