6.01 – Hiring

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 6 | HR - Hiring, Work Rules and Assignments

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RPM 1.30 - Delegation of Authority

Revision History:

2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 4.26

The Board of Regents (Board) has delegated to the Chancellor or to whomever the Chancellor delegates, the employment of all faculty, staff, and other university personnel. Although the Board should never actively nor directly participate in the actual hiring of university personnel, with the exception of selection of the Chancellor and the director/secretary of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (See RPM 1.30), the Board should always be at liberty to review any particular hiring by the administration to determine whether or not the Board’s hiring policies are being followed.


A. Exempt and Faculty Hiring Procedures

The recruitment, selection, and hiring of exempt employees is accomplished by the employing department with approval of the appropriate director, dean/vice president, or executive vice president and provost, and the Office of Human Resource Services. Additional procedures for filling executive and faculty positions are contained in the Search Committee Guidelines, available through Human Resource Services at http://hr.nmsu.edu/searchcommittee/ 


B. Recruitment

If no underutilization exists in the job grouping, positions may be posted for a minimum of 14 calendar days. If underutilization exists, the position is normally posted for 28 calendar days in order to generate an adequate applicant pool. Requests for exception to the 28 day posting may be submitted to the Office of Human Resource Services for consideration.


C. Search Committee Procedures

Procedures to be followed when involving a search committee in the recruitment and selection process are contained in the Search Committee Guidelines, available through Human Resource Services at http://hr.nmsu.edu/searchcommittee/