15.14 – Distribution of Information to NMSU Community

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 15 | Information Management and Data Security

Responsible Executive: President

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 08/22/2011



Revision History:

09/01/2023 Title changes from "chancellor" to "president" and "provost and senior vice president for academic affairs" to "provost and chief academic officer"
2017 Recompilation, formerly Rules 2.20 &


This Rule identifies the official university mass communication mediums for employees and students of the university.



All official mass communications shall be transmitted via the university’s email system. Official mass communications are memoranda or documents that are distributed to wide audiences, such as departments, colleges or all employees. Directors, supervisors and managers are responsible for insuring that all employees who do not access email regularly are provided this information through postings and distribution of the information in whatever means possible to reach each employee.



Printed memoranda and materials regarding university business may be circulated to groups of individuals on campus by requesting distribution through Printing and Duplicating and Mail Services addressing programs. Designations from the list below — A B C D — may be used.  Electronic mail may provide an avenue for communication of significant administrative information to key administrators, with the following guidelines:

  1. Composition of the List:
    1. President, provost and chief academic officer, and senior vice presidents/provosts.
    2. Associate and assistant vice presidents/provosts, presidents of community colleges, academic deans, associate and assistant deans.
    3. Administrative department heads and directors.
    4. Academic department heads (main campus only).
  2. Posting to the List: Only list members or their designees may submit announcements to ABCD. Distributions may be made to A or B or C or D or any combination of these.  Posting to the list(s) should be restricted to significant administrative announcements.  Other communications, such as announcements of workshops, receptions, etc. might be posted via other communication vehicles managed by the Office of University Communications and Marketing Services.
  3. ABCD-Copy: Individuals wishing to receive electronic copies of electronically mailed ABCD postings may subscribe to ABCD-Copy.  ABCD-Copy subscribers will receive only electronic announcements which are addressed to all four groups:  A, B, C, and D.