16.02 – Regulation of Security Alarm Systems

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 16 | Safety and Risk Management

Responsible Executive: Chief of Staff

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 01/09/2019



Revision History:

01/09/2019 Amendment approved by Chancellor
2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule


This rule enhances the protection of people and property at the Las Cruces campus through implementation of a single, coordinated security alarm system.  This rule, first adopted in 1999, established the initial guidelines for security alarm systems used on NMSU premises.   All security alarms have been required to comply with this rule since July 1, 1999.



Information and Communication Technologies, Facilities and Services and the University Police Department will coordinate to establish and maintain security alarms (intrusion, panic, or personal safety) on the Las Cruces campus in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. All security alarms shall utilize a standardized system.
  2. All intrusion, panic and personal safety alarms shall report directly to the University Police Department.
  3. A reasonable fee may be charged by university administration to cover the maintenance costs, including staffing, associated with the ICT central system connection, the University Police Department’s system which receives the stations, and the security alarm physical components.
  4. To cover a portion of the costs associated with responding to false security alarms, a nominal fee will also be charged to the department or unit having control over the alarm for each false alarm, after the first false alarm in a six month period.
  5. Reasonable notice will be given to the NMSU units about the specific rates (maintenance fee and false alarm fee) that will be charged, prior to commencement of the fee program authorized by this rule, and prior to subsequent changes in the fee(s), if any.