16.09 – University Emergency Closures

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: ARP Chapter 16 | Safety and Risk Management

Responsible Executive: President

Responsible Administrator:

Last Updated: 01/28/2019



ARP 8.40 – Types of Authorized Leave of Absence (LOA)

ARP 16.10 – Emergency Preparedness and Response

ARP 7.21 – University Closure Pay

Revision History:

09/01/2023 Title change from "campus president" to "Chancellor – NMSU System Community College"; "chancellor" to "president"
01/28/2019 Companion Revision to new ARP 7.21, approved 01/28/2019 by Board of Regents
11/19/2018 Renumbered, formerly 14.99
2017 Recompilation, formerly Rule 2.94
09/17/2010 Amendment approved by Board of Regents

New Mexico State University’s system of academic activity and community services at its campuses, facilities and services throughout the state require certain services and facilities to remain open, notwithstanding inclement weather and other unforeseen events. When weather conditions are such that the safety or security of NMSU students, personnel, property or operations may be at risk, the affected NMSU campus or facility may be closed in accordance with this rule or other emergency preparedness policies, rules and procedures.



  1. Planning for Closures: Administrators of services and facilities that provide essential services (e.g. university police, fire and emergency medical services, information and technological services, facilities, and housing) remain operational during university closures and maintain Continuity of Operations plans to maintain their operations and services. (ARP 16.10 – Emergency Preparedness and Response) All NMSU entities are also required to designate which of their personnel are Essential Personnel for purposes of maintaining continuity of operations.
  2. Unforeseen Closures: When inclement weather or other unforeseen emergency affects a campus or large facility, the appropriate Chancellor – NMSU System Community College in coordination with the NMSU president will determine, based on input from police, facility directors and other support staff, whether or not to close the affected NMSU facility or campus.



  1. Planning for Closures: Each NMSU Entity as defined in ARP 16.10 Emergency Preparedness and Response is required to develop and maintain Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP). Essential Personnel are defined in that rule as those employees who perform job duties or functions deemed by their unit’s administrative head to be critical to operations.  Essential Personnel are required to work and/or to be available to work in the event of any emergency and especially during emergencies of extended duration.
  2. Unforeseen Closures:
    1. Decision to Close: The president for each affected campus will communicate directly with the appropriate emergency and other personnel, in coordination with the president, to make the decision to close, in the best interest of the university, including students, employees, property and functions.
    2. Closure Notification: Whenever a facility or campus is closed due to inclement weather or other emergency, details about the closure (e,g. geographic location(s), campuses or classes affected, time frames etc) will be communicated to affected university personnel and local news agencies.  Whenever a local school system closes due to inclement weather while the university campus associated with the school district remains open, university officials will communicate to university personnel that the university campus is remaining open.
    3. Re-Open Notification: When inclement weather conditions or other emergent situation have subsided and the university returns to normal operations, university officials will communicate to affected university students, personnel and local news agencies the date and time of the reopening of the university.
    4. Employee Leave or Compensation During Closures:
      1. Nonexempt employees required to work during the closure will be paid in accordance with the university’s closure pay policy.
      2. When an NMSU facility or campus is closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen event, regular non-exempt employees who are not Essential Personnel required to work during the closure period should report the hours they would have worked but for the closure as “other leave taken”, which is paid leave.
      3. Employees who do not accrue leave will be placed on leave without pay status, and may make up missed work hours, with the concurrence of their supervisor.
      4. If the inclement weather or event causing the closure causes an employee to be unable to report to work when the facility or campus remains open may request annual leave from their immediate supervisor (seeARP 8.40 Types of Authorized Leaves of Absence (LOA)). In these instances, employees who do not accrue leave will be placed on a leave without pay status.