Rule Administrator: AVP Human Resource Services

8.55 – Leave Without Pay

Leave without Pay (LWOP) for a period up to 90 calendar days may be requested by an employee and either approved or disapproved by the director/department head. Refer to ARP 8.45 LOA – Family and Medical for leave without pay granted in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act. Requests for LWOP in excess of…
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8.56 – Holiday Leave Benefit

PART 1:  HOLIDAY LEAVE BENEFIT NMSU provides its eligible regular and non-regular term employees (as defined for staff and faculty in ARP 6.03) with fourteen days of paid holiday leave on designated dates each year.  Only employees determined to be essential to operations will be required to work on designated holidays, and those employees will…
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8.61 – Tuition Remission Program

PART 1: TUITION REMISSION With appropriate administrative approval from the current employer/supervisor, regular employees and non-regular employees in a term appointment are entitled to take course(s) at the university’s main and community colleges totaling no more than 6 credit hours (supported by regular I & G funding) each fall and 6 credit hours each spring…
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8.62 – Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling and referral service available to provide support to all university employees.  Employees will not be required to use leave benefits for participation in the EAP sessions conducted on campus.  EAP sessions offered off campus will require the employee to use available leave in accordance applicable administrative…
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8.64 – Discounted Athletics Tickets for Eligible Faculty/Staff

The Athletics Department provides season tickets at reduced rates in reserved sections for football and basketball to university regular faculty and staff and non-regular employees in a term appointment.  Each employee is eligible to purchase a maximum of six football and four basketball season tickets at reduced rates.  The same privileges afforded the university employee…
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8.71 – Unemployment Compensation Benefits

Unemployment compensation is paid for by the university on a self-insured basis. Former employees may file for unemployment benefits at a local employment office in any state. Student employees are not covered under unemployment compensation. Nine-month employees are not eligible during the off-employment period. When an employee has filed for benefits, the university is notified….
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9.01 – Staff Probationary Period

PART 1: PROBATIONARY PERIOD-REGULAR EMPLOYEES Probationary Status: The probationary period is an essential part of the employment process and shall be used as an assessment period for employees and supervisors. Probationary employees have no entitlement or expectation to continued employment during the probationary period. During the probationary period, an employee may be terminated with or…
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9.05 – Staff Performance Evaluation

PART 1: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION COMPLETION SCHEDULE An evaluation should be completed: After completion of a probationary period for nonexempt employees (may also be used for the annual evaluation if completed in December, January or February). Annually for purposes of allocating merit increases. Any time a supervisor considers an evaluation necessary. Upon transfer of an exempt…
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9.10 – Staff Internal Promotion Process

Procedural guidelines for the internal promotion of regular employees includes: The promotion should be within a major organizational unit, such as a college or vice president’s area. Employing departments are encouraged to notify all employees in the organizational unit of the promotional opportunity. The salary increase on promotion will be in accordance with ARP 7.01…
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9.11 – Staff Trainee Path to Internal Promotion

PART 1: CREATION OF TRAINEE POSITION When qualified applicants are not available to fill a position, or the employing department desires to establish a trainee position, the director/department head, (in cooperation with the Office of Human Resource Services) may develop a job development program that will provide an opportunity for the individual to become qualified…
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