Rule Administrator: Provost and Chief Academic Officer

2.15 – Modifying Academic Units

PART 1: DEFINITION OF ACADEMIC UNIT For the purpose of this rule, an academic unit is defined as any college, academic department or a library within the NMSU system.   PART 2: REVIEWS/RECOMMENDATIONS AND APPROVALS REQUIRED Any proposal to create, reorganize, relocate or eliminate an academic unit must be submitted for review and recommendation by…
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2.50 – Affiliated Legal Entities

PART 1: ARROWHEAD CENTER, INC. (F/K/A NMSU TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CORPORATION, INC.) In order to properly focus the development of research technology, the Board of Regents authorized the establishment of the Arrowhead Center. Inc., under the Research Park Act, as a not-for-profit corporation to assist and foster the development and marketing of selected university technology and…
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2.55 – NMSU Recognition of Affiliated Individuals

PART 1: PURPOSE This rule authorizes but does not require NMSU to grant affiliated status, also referred to as a designation, to individuals who have a formal association with the university other than employee or student, which association significantly benefits NMSU or significantly supports the NMSU mission.    Criteria are provided for the designations of Affiliated…
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3.39 – Procedures to Use Preferred Name

PART 1:  INTRODUCTION New Mexico State University recognizes that for a variety of reasons, individuals may prefer to use a name that is different from their legal name to identify themselves.  A preferred name reflects the manner in which an individual wishes to be addressed by faculty, staff, students, co-workers and the public.  NMSU’s rule…
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4.03 – Course Registration Deadline Waiver

PART 1:  PURPOSE This rule establishes the criteria which justify the grant of a waiver of the administrative deadline for requesting a course registration change (e.g. drop/add or withdrawal), and establishes the review and approval process required before the waiver may be effectuated.   PART 2:  CRITERIA A student may petition for a waiver of…
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4.23 – Credit Hour Calculation; Variable Credit Courses

PART 1: PURPOSE This Rule establishes how credit hours are calculated.   PART 2: DEFINITIONS Credit Hour: Conventionally, the “Carnegie” Credit Hour is defined as one Class Hour of contact time (with an expectation of two hours of outside work) per week over a 15 week semester. Class Hour: A Class Hour must be a…
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4.41 – Course Materials/Textbooks

PART 1: COURSE MATERIAL Department heads are responsible for having on file a course outline for each course offered by the department.  Each professor is responsible for course content and selection of required materials (textbook(s), supplementary printed material, equipment, supplies) for the course.  The professor is obligated to keep course costs to the student as…
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4.45 – Faculty Adherence to Course Schedule

PART 1: CLASS AND ACADEMIC MEETING LOCATIONS Classes will be held  at the time and the location listed in the course schedule, except as required by the course curriculum as may be arranged with notice to their department head or appropriate academic administrator.  Faculty will not meet with students at private off-campus locations to conduct…
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4.46 – Authorized Absences from Class

Absence from class will be excused for the reasons listed below, with the expectation that students will be permitted to, and will be responsible for, making up course work missed due to an excused absence. The student is representing the university at a function or event, and is making satisfactory progress in the class (e.g….
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4.47 – Class Disruption/Interruption

Any disruption or interruption of classes is to be reported promptly to the department head, who will in turn inform the dean and the dean will inform the provost and chief academic officer.